Woman invites husband’s side chick for s€x, beat hell out her

A Nigerian lady has finally met her waterloo for having a secret affair with a married man after her lover’s wife sets trap for her.

According to the story trending online, a married man whom the wife suspected to be having secret affairs with other ladies, reportedly forgot his phone at home before going for work.

The wife seeing the phone, went through it and sent a text message to his side chick to come to his place so that they can make love, adding that his stupid wife is not at home.

The unsuspecting side chick stupidly went there, but unfortunately for her, she met her lovers wife instead of the man himself.

The angry woman pounced on her and even naked her before taking pictures of her and uploaded online.

Reactions have trailed the story with many people blaming the side chick and her likes for some breakups and misunderstandings in some homes.

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