I feel ashamed of my breasts which is why I am still single

A Nigerian lady has revealed why she is still single with no man making further advances on her.

The lady who pleaded anonymous because of the sensitivity of the matter, said she has very small breasts.

She stated that unlike other women, her own breasts is not adding up and its making her uncomfortable.

According to her, “my breasts are very small, I’m ashamed to be unclad in front of a man.”

She further disclosed that she has not dated any guy for more than one week, pointing out that few of them who showed interest in the past usually end the relationship whenever they see the actual size of her breasts.

“Some people advised me to start using fake bra which I earlier did, but the guy I met later on didn’t take it lightly with me.

“In fact he did not only quit with me, but went further telling his friends that I am fake,” she added.

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