Two Ghanaian men pour acid on coworker, rub him in Edo State

Two Ghanaian men identified as Eric Aidan and Matthew Kwasha on December 9, 2018, poured a raw acid on their coworker, Taiwo Adesanya before rubbing him at Olukwu in Benin city of Edo State.

According to reports, the two men specialized in rubbing their victims after killing them with raw acid.

Narrating his ordeal, Mr. Taiwo who drives truck for his company, said they snatched the truck loaded with 600 bags of sugar worth over N10 million.

“I was assigned by my company to go and pick 600 bags of sugar to supply to a brewery in Benin City, Edo State.

“I went with my Ghanaian conductor, Matthew, but didn’t know that he is a killer and a robber.

“He told me that I should assist one of his friends who was also going to Benin. Out of my magnanimity, I accepted to offer my conductor and his friend assistance.

“I didn’t know that I was digging my own grave. They did not portray any iota of wickedness as they were showing appreciations to me.

“When we arrived Olukwu, near Benin, I became tired and parked my vehicle and slept off inside the front seat.

“I was in very deep sleep when something like fire started ravaging my body and I quickly woke up in excruciating pains.

“While I was shouting, my conductor was telling his friend to finish me with the wheel spanner and his friend replied that the acid was enough to kill him,” he stated.

The suspects were trailed and apprehended in Enugu by the police.

Parading the suspects, police said their mode of operation was to seek employment as driver and conductor in haulage companies.

“When they’re employed, they’ll study the company and perfect ways of diverting their employers goods.

“After selling the goods, they would relocate to another place where they would apply in another company,” the police stated.

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