Lady sends boyfriend list of 20 people she slept with before breakup

A Nigerian guy, Kenechukwu has revealed how his friend girlfriend reacted after her boyfriend broke up with her.

According to the story which Kenechukwu shared on his twitter handle @geokaycee, the girlfriend had already chested with 20 guys in six months of their relationship before the breakup.

His tweet reads, “my friend broke up with his babe and she got angry and sent him list of all the people she slept with while they were dating.”

Kenechukwu who said his friend is angry because he was faithful throughout their relationship, wondered the kind of advice he can use to calm down his guy.

“What is paining him the most is that he was faithful throughout the relationship. He actually cried.

“He now started calculating all the times she told him she was traveling to Abuja to see her cousin,” he added.

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