Jealous woman kills cotenant’s 2-year-old son in Lagos

A wicked woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her cotenant’s 2-year-old son, Wisdom, out of jealousy in Lagos.

According to reports, the suspect, Ms. Chinenye Ndubuife from Anambra State, committed the crime on Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

Narrating how she murdered Wisdom, Chinenye said that she “sent a child to call Wisdom who was with his nursing mother.

“While he was playing with my child and my elder sister’s kid, I sent other children to go and buy Indomie and asked him to stay back when he wanted to follow them.

“When they left, I took him (Wisdom) to the backward and hit his head on the wall and used stone to hit on his head.

The deceased parents, Mr. Promise Samuel and wife

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“I never wanted to kill him but to inflict severe injury on him so that his father will spend money treating him.

“When I found out that he has died, I dumped his dead body in the toilet where his father found his corpse,” she added.

The deceased father, Mr. Promise Samuel from Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, described Ms. Chinenye as a wicked Jezebel.

Meanwhile, the suspect is cooling off at Tolu Police Station cell in Apapa, Lagos State.

The case is been followed up by Barr. Ita Umiom, representing Akwa Ibom State Community (AKISCOM) in Lagos, and the Human Right Chairman, Amb. Marshal Udoh.

  1. Even the devil will not be happy with this woman. What kind of jealousy would make somebody loose her sense of reasoning to the extent of committing murder. Anyway let her face the music. RIP Wisdom!

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