Man caught, beaten to pulp for stealing three weeks old baby

An unnamed man has been arrested and mercilessly beaten by angry youths for stealing 3 weeks old baby.

According to Cynthia Splash who shared the story on Facebook, the unlucky criminal was caught after his motorcycle developed fault on the process of escaping.

She wrote; “The baby’s mother left the baby in the sitting room to get something from their bedroom.

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“As soon as the criminal who has been monitoring the nursing mother discovered, he quickly went into the house, wrapped the baby in a cloth and enter motorcycle already waiting outside.

“Unfortunately for them, the woman who could not found her baby raised alarm and got everyone alerted.

“People around swiftly responded to a stop and search team at every junction in and out of the area.

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“As God would have it, their motorcycle developed fault while they were trying to escape into another street far away from the baby’s home.

“And suddenly, the sleeping baby woke up and started crying, which caught attention of people around.

“The criminals were then apprehended and they confessed that they wanted to use the baby for money ritual,” it added.

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