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How My BF And His Best Friend Raped Me – Nigerian Lady

A relationship adviser and love psychologist, Joro Olumofin, has shared the story of a lady who was raped by his boyfriend and his bf’s best friend.

The lady, who claimed she was severely beaten by the duo before they sexually assaulted her, said she wants justice.

She wrote: “Bros J, I have been dating this guys for 9 good months, I don’t sex starve him, everything has been going fine.

Going straight to the point, I went to his place with my female friend because he said his friend was around and bored.

On getting there I went straight to the bedroom cos I was so sleepy, leaving them to their conversation at the lounge.

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My boyfriend came in and we hard sex o o, then I told him I just wanted to sleep and he said ok, so I remained naked and dozed off.

About 1 or 2 hours later I saw the door opening and it was my bf’s best friend. I jumped up in fear, he came straight to the bed and I was still awe. I knew I was in trouble and started begging him, and he said don’t worry your boyfriend won’t find out about this, he went to drop off your friend.

I pleaded, he didn’t leave me, but started touching me ungodly and rough handling me.

While I was struggling with him, my boyfriend came in naked and said baby relax, at that point I just wanted to die.

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The struggle began and I was crying and begging them to let me be, but was slapped several times to shut up.

My boyfriend held my hands for his friend to have his way, and they took turns on me.

I have lost all my joy, happiness, self esteem, smile and can’t concentrate on work.

I need help… I can’t stop thinking about this, I only hear of rapes until I just have my own share.

Please I need help, I’m going crazy and I also need help on how to revenge. Please help me.”

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