Man Sues Mother In-law For Giving Baby Tribal Mark

A Nigerian man, Ahmed Yusuf, has sued his mother In-law for giving his child a tribal mark without his consent.

According to a Facebook user, Galadinma, the father of the new born child has left for work when the incident happened.

It was also gathered that the mother of the child was not around as she has gone to the market to get some food stuff.

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The post further revealed that the mother In-law, had earlier engaged her son In-law in hot argument over their reluctance to give the baby tribal mark as tradition demands.

While the fathers child had insisted that non of his children would bear such mark, his wife was said to be in support of her mother.

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Meanwhile, reaction has trailed the story with many describing the mother inlaw’s action as regretful.

Being my In-law does not give her any right to take such action. Personally, I would have done more than instituting legal action against her, Victor Okpokoro wrote.

What would be your reaction if you are the father of this child?

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