Meet World’s Most Expensive Girl Whose Dowry Is 500 Cows And 3 V8 Cars

Nyalong Deng Jalang is currently world’s most expensive girl after her dowry increased to 500 cows and 3 V8 cars.

According to reports, the young lady who hails from Awerial in former Lake State of South Sudan, has many people competing to marry her.

However, other men backed out leaving only 5 men, following the rise in her dowry.

Meanwhile, out of the five men competing to marry her, Kok Alat is leading as he had met all the conditions for her marriage.

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Other competitors include the former commissioner of Awerial and the current deputy governor of Eastern Lakes State among others.

Reactions have trailed Ngong marriage dowry with people asking what is special about her that other ladies don’t possess.

Secondary, how many cows would you pay if you were to join the race to marry her?

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