I’ll Climb A Taller Object The Moment I Regain My Freedom – Lawan

Lawan Faro, a middle-aged man who climbed billboard in protest of extreme poverty in the country has been arrested.

Recall that Lawan demanded assurance by Atiku Abubakar that Buhari would be send packing in 2019 as the only reason that would necessitate his coming down from the billboard.

However, around 8pm, some soldiers in company of other people convinced him that Atiku is waiting to receive him.

Unknown to him, it was a trick to make him come down and he was arrested and taken to Jimeta Police Station.

Meanwhile, Lawan has promised to carryout his threat if he regains his freedom.

“Make no mistake about my demand; the moment I regain my freedom, I’ll be heading to a taller object, possibly a telecommunications mast, to carry out my threat,” he said.

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