My Respect For Nnamdi Kanu Just Quadrupled – By OGI

Nnamdi Kanu


1. Those who listened to find reasons to drive home their hatred for him.

2. Those who listened so that their beliefs in him may be strengthened.

Either way, Nnamdi Kanu influences them.

Meanwhile, my respect for Nnamdi Kanu just quadrupled. You know why?

This broadcast was a trap from many gullible people to tag him a “liar” and haul all incentives on him. I’m most humbled by his honesty on the events that transpired in his home. He didn’t beat around the bush by trying to say “He was kidnapped”, rather he gave credit to “IPOB intelligence BSS” for evacuating him from the compound. This is honesty!

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From what he said, he was obviously in that compound when the military came to silence him. He also said he sustained injuries in the course of his escape, and this is really sad.

To show how dangerous the mind of an average black man is, nobody is concerned about the military invasion. They’re more concerned that a man who went through such ordeal would toll their line and ask his followers to Vote. People of no conscience!

Again, his no election stance predates Buhari. I remember him vividly chanting on “No election” in 2015 even when GEJ was in power. His consistency is what makes him unique.

Many have been disappointed that he didn’t throw his weight behind any Politician, some have accused him of working for APC which is laughable while they forgot to be truthful to themselves that “Election boycott” has being the front runner of IPOB. This shows how inconsistent the brain of a Nigerian is. So they expect him to cancel the boycott so they will bring out all the allegations on earth against him that he’s been paid off. He disappointed them. He even sighted the under age vote in the north, yet people who say they’ve sane conscience expect IPOB to vote in such charade elections. Shaking my head.

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The Nnamdi Kanu that spoke was a confident one that has the backing of world powers. He mentioned names and specially thanked Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and wished him a Happy Birthday. He said he owe his survival to the state of Israel and also thanked the US govt for their support. This Is MASSIVE!

He also specially thanked his sureties and those that backed him. This entails the quality of a good leader. He gave his Salute to the 28 men that fell defending him and made sure he live. This brought me to tears.

Fact is, those who cry are doing so at their own peril. We wouldn’t even be having this discussion of Restructuring if not for his presence.

Didn’t he warn you all about Buhari? Face your monster and find out ways to vote him out. IPOB is not your problem. If you believe IPOB doesn’t count, why bother?

Finally, the Fearless Leader reteiriated his stand that “He’s fully back and coming back with hell”. This is bold! More reason Nigeria should be wary of his second coming.

God bless Nnamdi Kanu. Leader like no other.

By OGI (Analyst)

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