Lady Feels Guilty After Sleeping With Another Lady’s Lover, Seeks Advice

A Nigerian lady (name withheld) has shared story of how she felt after making love with another lady’s lover.

The lady claims her loneliness leads her into sleeping with the guy, having been single for over 8 months.

The story as shared by her reads; “please help, I did something very bad and it’s haunting me. I have been crying.

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I am a coach and one time I trained a man in one of NY business groups. We became very good friends and he later introduced his girlfriend to me for training as well.

It was just friendship, but I know I talk to him often. We gist a lot and I kinda got used to the fact that he’s always there.

I have been single for more than 8 months and I get so lonely but I swear I never had any sexual intentions towards this guy.

Fast forward, I went to see him just to hang out and things got out of hands and we started kissing and ended up having sex.

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I know I have done something terrible but he was so sweet to me. I really liked him as a friend because he is always there for me.

My likeness for him intensified after the sex but I don’t want to spoil his relationship or hurt his girlfriend.”

The lady is therefore seeking advice on whether to keep it at friendship or stop talking to the guy.

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