Heartrending Story Of Family Of 5 Suffering From Mental Illness (Part 3)

A female corp member, Progress Oberiko, who is the initiator of this story, has finally dolled out the part 3.

This story has continue to draw the attention of philanthropic individuals and organisations.

In this part, Progress along with other corp members, visited the elder sister of the mentally deranged man.

I made a visit taking with myself two other Corpers, to the village of this “Special family” which happens to be Ukpah, where I carried out one of my personal CDS projects (Distribution of school sandals and socks to primary school children) in Bekwarra Lga in Cross River State and with the help of some members of the community, I was able to contact his elder sister resident in the village.

I began an interview session with the woman. When she’s started talking we had to do an audio recording because we didn’t didn’t know if a video recording was gonna be offensive on their part but as she continued I switched to video when I saw they were totally fine.

The supposed deranged man Mr Bernard Okpam Odey as he is called is a graduate, he hails from Ukpah, Bekwarra Lga in Cross River State and happens to be the last child of his family, while the woman, his wife is ‘Igbó’ from Ebonyi State.

Mr Ben was sound in mind and heart, based in Lagos and served as an evangelist before he moved to Abuja where he operated a ‘Pure Water’ factory.

According to his elder sister Ma Josephine with whom we interacted, he had distributing vans, his business thrived and he lived fine.

Until he met this woman, his wife, who bore him two kids while in Abuja. The eldest around 8yrs old.

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He moved to Lagos and thereafter returned home to his father’s compound in Ukpah, Bekwarra where he settled. Sad thing he returned a with a ‘Peculiarity’, different from his erstwhile personality.

They didn’t know what had happened, they tried to find out. He then moved from his father’s flat and he took upon himself a mysterious estrangement.

In solitaire he resorted with his family to a bushy settlement beside the stream, made a hut with woods and a polythene cover and sheltered there with his wife and kids, and in that bizarre condition they lived together and bore more children which has now numbered up to five.

The family of the woman withdrew the two older kids from them as soon as they noticed that their condition had metamorphosed while still in Abuja and they returned to the village, Ukpah where they bore the remaining three.

When they had their last child, Mrs Josephine his elder sister reports that she bought clothes and stuff for the baby but was utterly rejected by her brother.

They made efforts to withdraw the remaining three kids from him but all were futile as he guides his family with power and might. He doesn’t sleep at night, makes a burn fire at the entrance of his abode and sits up to act as a watchdog for his family.

Read Also: Heartrending Story Of Family Of 5 Suffering From Mental Illness

He disciplines the kids and make sure they don’t go close to anyone else but him. He cooks, fetches water from the stream, weeds the environment and does the chores.

He believes that a woman is meant to be a ‘Helpmate’ and as such shouldn’t go through stress. Jesus Christ didn’t live in a house, rather he stayed in the wilderness hence he has chosen to be ostracized.

Buy them foodstuff unsolicitedly, they’ll tell you they don’t need that at the moment.

He doesn’t speak any language other than English, not even his native language. If you communicate with him in pidgin, he doesn’t respond except in clean English language.

His sister Ma Josephine revealed that they’ve been in the condition for over a decade and pleads that we do our best to at least help get the kids from them because the wife is currently pregnant.

One of the organizations who made contact visited from Port Harcourt, Christian Missionary Television (CMTV) and reached out to this family. We had an interaction with the man himself.

You need to hear this man speak. OMG! The discourse will blow your mind off.

The next episode will be coming with video. Stay tuned for it.

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