Lady Cries For Help After She Born Two Kids For Her Brother

A housewife has come out to seek for peoples advice on the best way to stop her blood brother from having love affairs with her.

The lady, who choose not to be named, said she grew up having sex with her elder brother.

According to her, “my brother chase away guys from me including my husband, but my husband didn’t give up on me and we finally got married.

“Despite the fact that we are all married with kids, my brother has not stopped from disturbing me.

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“Meanwhile, two out of my three kids belong to my brother and my husband is not aware of that.

“My husband can no longer satisfy me and my brothers’ wife is also complaining of her husband’s weakness in bed.

“I have tried to stop this madness with my brother but it isn’t working and I am really afraid of telling my husband.

What advice would you give to this lady?

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