Please Help! Mother In-law Is Drinking My Baby’s Breast Milk

A nursing mother, whose mother In-law is drinking her baby’s breast milk, has shared the post seeking people’s advice.

The lady, who put to bed 3 weeks ago, said the mother In-law is beginning to get on her nerves.

According to her, “I recently started expressing breast milk for my baby for freezer storage (using a manual breast pump).

“How this works is, whenever baby is hungry, which is every 15 minutes, the milk will be warmed and fed to him. And this also helps train him to use the feeding bottle since I’m on the exclusive plan.

“My main issue is that my mother In-law has been drinking my baby’s breast milk and it’s so annoying.

“Its usually not easy to express milk and this woman will just open freezer and be using my hard earned milk to drink tea and pap”.

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She noted that though there are enough milk in the freezer, she only prefers making use of the expressed milk.

She further disclosed that all effort by herself and her husband to put an end to that proved abortive, as the mother In-law would always ask them ‘who no like better thing?’

How would you handle the situation if you are on her shoes?

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