Bride Fights Mother In-law At Wedding Over Food

The celebration of marriage was called off in Lagos following a fight between a bride and her mother in-law over food.

The fight which lasted for minutes, started after the bride denied her husband’s mother access to food.

A Twitter user @SeeHausaBoy posted the story, drawing thousands of retweets and reactions.

According to the post, the occasion, a Yoruba wedding, was moving smoothly until food got finished on the groom side.

“Then walked in a very important guest who is a close relation of the groom’s mother. Apparently, the groom’s mother approached the bride asking that she (bride) should speak to her caterer to serve the guests. But the bride declined saying that the remaining food was for some guests at home.

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“The mother in-law ignored her and went to the cooler, dish out some food and ordered it to be taken to the guest who were already seated and waiting. The caterer couldn’t stop her after all, she is the groom’s mother.

“Immediately, the bride came down from car and ordered that the food be returned but didn’t get any signal from the caterer who were even more confused on whose order to follow again. She however, went by herself, collected the food and poured back into the cooler.

“The mother in-law felt embarrassed and disrespected that she slapped the bride, but the bride immediately returned the slap and heavens let loose.

“There was confusion everywhere as everybody felt disappointed. The groom declared that he no longer has interest in the solemnisation of the union.”


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