2019: New Aspirant Emerges, Says He Is The Last Bus Stop

TAD presidential aspirant, Mazi Eke Chima

A young Activist, Eke Chima, has declared his intentions to run for the 2019 presidential election.

Mazi Chima said he is running under the platform of a new political party, Talk And Do (TAD).

He made this known on Sunday, September 2, through a post released in respect to that in his Facebook Timeline.

He said his decision to run is to put the country in the right track as lots of things have gone wrong.

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“Many people, especially the youths, are unhappy the way the affairs of our dear country is being managed. For many years now we are witnessing recycling of the same old, power hungry politicians who cannot boast of any meaningful achievement during their years in power.

“They are coming back with many slogan but non of them have the interest of this nation at heart. Unfortunately, this is their last bus stop because the youths have resolved to take the mantle of leadership from them and put the country on the right track,” he stated.

He expressed optimism that he will win the election due to massive support he is getting from teeming Nigeria youths.

“We have been consulting and seeking supports of Nigerians and we believe at nothing short of victory.

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