How My Father Died In Police Custody – 18year Undergraduate

Body of Isreal Inya Aluu who died in police custody

Ebenezer Israel Inya has revealed how policemen attached to Kpirikpiri Police Division, Abakaliki, allegedly killed his father Israel Inya Aluu.

According to the 18-year-old undergraduate, the incidents started on August 28 when he was playing football with some of his friends in the street.

“I was playing football with my friends when the ball entered the Assemblies of God premises. We met the gateman and pleaded with him to release the ball to us but he refused and started insulting us, we then engaged him in a quarrel.

“The pastor’s daughter came in and asked us what was happening and we told her that our ball flew into their premises, urging her to get it back. She promised to plead with the man to release the ball to us.

“After sometime, we returned to the church and pleaded with the gateman to release the ball to us, but he started exchanging words with us. The senior pastor of the church too came out and started insulting us, while the pastor’s children and worshippers started attacking us.

“They later asked us to go to our house so that the crisis could be resolved and we went back to our house,” he narrated.

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Going further, he said that he was preparing to go to their shop when two police officers accosted him and asked that he should follow them to go and apologize to the pastor so that the case would be resolved amicably.

“When we got to the church we saw a policewoman who was on maternity leave and was wearing mufti, she came with a handcuff to arrest us and we asked the offence we committed and insisted she must tell us our offence. She refused to give us the reasons and locked the gate.

“They started beating us inside the church. My dad who was in our house heard about it and rushed to the church. He asked them to stop beating us and take us to police station to iron things out.

“They insisted that they were not going to the police station but must do everything inside the church. When they saw that the pressure was high, the policewoman took us out of the gate and started beating us.

“We got to the station with my dad and they detained all of us including my brother and beat us mercilessly.

“The policemen asked my dad to follow them to a room, and my father went in with them together with the leaders of the Assemblies of God Church. The next thing I saw was when they (policemen) came and released us and asked us to come and carry our father’s body,” – Israel added.

However, when contacted, Reverend Joseph Nwakpakpa who is the head pastor of the church, refused to speak on the matter.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for police, Loveth Odah confirmed the incident, adding that investigation has since commenced to ascertain the actual cause of Israel death.

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