Heartrending Bride Price Items For My Brother’s Wife

Items for bride price in Imo state

A Nigerian woman from Anambra whose brother recently got married to a lady from Mbaise, Imo state, has shared the heartrending bride price items.

According to the woman, the marriage which took place in Ezinihite Mbaise, saw her brother spending over half a million on items for bride price.

She further stated that the items would have increased even higher if the wife has graduated from higher institution.

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“My brother is lucky that our wife is still in higher institution. He would have spent double of this items if she is a graduate.

“As a matter of fact, we are meant to understand that the more educated the bride is, the more expensive the marriage list becomes,” she added.

Notwithstanding, many outside people still prefer Mbaise daughters because of one reason or the other.

Some are of the view that their girls are hard working, dedicated to marriage and makes a good wife.

But mostly, Mbaise girls have this tendency for education, and when they finally got married, faithfulness is their watchword.

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