2019 Election: Young Lady Declares For Presidency

Presidential Flagbearer of Natinal Interest Party, Eunice Uche Atuejide (photo credit: Eunice Uche Atuejide Facebook page)

A Nigerian lady, Eunice Uche Atuejide, has declared interest to run for 2019 presidential election under the platform of National Interest Party (NIP).

Mrs Uche made this known through her Facebook page on August 24, 2018.

She stated that her party “will be on the ballot sheets at the Presidential election in 2019.”

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She also called on interested members, especially women to step up and join the party, noting that Nigerian’s future rest on the shoulder of young people.

“So, I officially invite all members of NIP interested in running for office in the States – particularly the women and those between the ages of 25 to 40 to come forward.

“NIP will back you all 100%! We are the change drivers in Nigeria, so trust yourselves and come forward. Let’s go together my dear people. Let’s help our country together! Young men and women of integrity, this is your chance! Nigeria’s future is in our hands! So, let’s go redesign that future!”

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