Neighborhood Raises Alarm Against Soldier Who Maltreats Her Maid

Mrs Esther and her maid, Nkiruka

A facebook user, Geraldine Ogechi Roy, has raised alarm against one Ozoekwe Esther Onyinye, over the way she treats her maid, Nkiruka.

Mrs Esther, who is also a soldier at Ikeja cantonment army barracks, Lagos, is allegedly maltreating Nkiruka, who is also her niece.

According to Ogechi, Mrs Esther whip her little maid simple because she did not wash plate as directed.

Mrs Ogechi further disclosed that she witnessed everything, adding that it is not the first time Esther is beating the little girl in such manner.

Mrs Esther, however, has taken to her Facebook page to clarify herself.

According to her, ”Nkiruka is a problem child who portrays character that makes her peers to always bring negative report about her.

”I never meant to maltreat her because I want the best for her. I am disturbed that at her age she is no longer a virgin. I am sorry for going too far to correct her,” she added.

Another Facebook user, Ozoekwe Schilastica, who identified herself as Esther’s sister, also dropped her comment in support of her sister.

Mrs Scholastica, her son and Nkiruka her niece

She stated that her niece Nkiruka was staying with her before she sent her over to her sister due to her bad behaviours.

”Exactly this same month last year this girl allowed a 29 years old man to have sex with her on two occasions in my house.

”I spent close to N50,000 for her treatment and series of diagnosis to revive her before sending her to Lagos thinking that she will change her lifestyle.

“Could you believe that this same girl carried one of my neighbours daughter of two years old and was fingering her,” she questioned.

She further disclosed that her sister (Ogechi) caught the girl playing with her son’s penis two days ago, while maintaining that it was anger that made her sister flog her that way.

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