Man Gets Accolade For Dating Two Close Friends

Man shows off his two babes online

An unidentified man, who is dating two close friends, has set the social media on fire.

The young man, according to a post on Facebook, succeeded in building a relationship with the two girls.

The post stated that the two girls are not jealous unlike so many girls out there, adding that they have proven that they truly understand what love is all about.

It further disclosed that the young man might in the nearby future, decides to marry the two friends as his love for them has no bound.

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Meanwhile, many reactions have trailed the post as people continue to air their views.

Some are of the view that the guy must have bewitched the two girls.

But mostly, positive reactions from several people have continued to troop in as many go as far as calling the guy a legend.

Whatever the case, the guy must be a guru for making the two girls understand theirselves and cooperate with him.

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