Love Has No Gender, Says A Homosexual

A Kenyan homosexual identified as Prince Joseph Molusi, has taken to social media platform to express his feelings for his fellow guy.

The young undergraduate of Accounting, seems to be madly in love with his baeb, Joseph Lenkoane.

He stated in a post on his timeline, that he is more happier with his new catch, unlike his previous one who he described as a weak lover.

“The love I have for you baep♥💯. No one can replace in my heart♥you are a citizen in my heart♥my resident♥,” he sings.

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However, the post generated negative reactions as friends and other Facebook users took to the comment box to send bad signal to the gay boy.

But Joseph, unmoved by the controversy his post generated, went on to advise those who are against him to have a think.

He stated that his feelings for his fellow guy is never a crime, noting that “love has no gender.”

“To all homophobic people, stop judging other people’s life. Your comments won’t change meh and they won’t even hurt meh at all.

“To all my supported people, thanks for the good comments I really appreciate them. God bless you all. Prince Joseph loves you all,” he added.




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